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LEGO WORLD Zwolle Edition Wall*E

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Marc-Andre Bazergui has built a special LEGO WORLD: Zwolle Edition of Wall*E, the famous Hollywood robot from Disney/Pixar movie of the same name. This is the 4th generation of his Wall*E. So i called it zWall-E4. It only has Mindstorms components with no POWER FUNCTIONS or 3rd Party sensor devices used. The three NXT bricks talk to each other via Bluetooth. The program was written in NXT-G 2.0 and has been designed to allow zWall-E4 to remain on a table top and do it’s show all day, which explains the restraint movements seen in this video.


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LEGO WORLD 2010 was held at IJsselhallen, Zwolle, The Netherlands. LegoWorld was held from October 22nd through October 26th, 2010. These are some of the inventions and robots presented at the MINDSTORMS booth.

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