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Wii-NunChuck Controlled Mindstorms NXT Soccer Robot

Wii Soccer Bot
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For the forth coming [brixhibition] Exhibition at the end of April, I have been asked to set-up and run a couple of interactive Robot Soccer fields.The Robots needed to be robust and reliable as members of the public will be interacting with them. Also they need to have a a simple, intuitive, and easy to use hand held controller. I have used Sony Playstation PS-2 Controllers, but they have far too many controls that would be unused and confusing to the first time operator. I chose to use a Nintendo Wii® Nun-Chuck Controller for the job.

Mindstorms NXT Soccer Playing Robot

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This is the Mark I version of my LEGO Mindstorms Soccer Playing Robot.  The Robot relies on 3x Rotacaster omni-whheels in a Holonomic Platform configuration for movement. The three Rotacasters are driven by 3x NXT Motors connected to the NXT Brick.

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