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Raspberry Pi ‘Plate’ or Add-on with 16 Ch. Servo & 16 Ch. GPIO

Pridopia Pi-9685-23017
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Over 12 months ago I came across a “I2C: 16 Channel, 12 bit PMW Servo & I2C 23017, 16 GPIO” add-on board for the Raspberry Pi made by a U.K. company called, Pridopia. At the time I thought too myself, “What a great idea”, but I had no immediate use for one. That has since changed thanx to my Raspberry Pi powered ‘LEGO Train Layout‘ I’m currently constructing.

Using 16-Channel I2C, Servo Module with Raspberry Pi

Servo Board
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You want to make a cool robot, maybe a hexapod walker, or in my case I want to use 9g Micro Servos to switch the points on my LEGO Train Layout I’m constructing. Or maybe you want to drive a lot of LEDs with precise PWM output. Then you realize that your Raspberry Pi only has a single PWM output on GPIO-18! What now?

Mindstorms NXT Servo Activated Grab

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I’ve been working on a new Lego Mindstorms: NXT-Servo Activated Grab for a crane I am working on. The Grab is driven by a R.C. Servo motor, controlled via a Mindsensor NXT-Servo controller interface to the Lego Mindstorms NXT Brick.

Technics Mount for RC type Servo Motors

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I have tried a number of methods of mounting Radio Control type Servo Motors to Lego Technics models over the years. Non were overly successful, mostly due to alignment issues. Then in the wee hours this morning, whilst trying to sleep, the answer hits me. Out of bed I jumped (tip-toed), because finally there was a solution, thanks to Lego’s new new Part #64179: Gray Technic, Lift-arm with 5 x 7 Open Centre. 55gram RC Servo Motors fit tightly inside these new frames, accepting the Servo output shaft doesn’t align with the mounting holes in the 5 x 7Liftarm Frame. But this is a relatively easy fix that takes about 10 minutes, plus a day for the glue to reach full strength.

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