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RobotC v4.54 – The LEGO Mindstorms EV3 ‘C’ Programming Language

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The ROBOTC Development Team is very excited to announce their latest update, ROBOTC for MINDSTORMS 4.54, which includes new features, functionality, and bug fixes. 

RobotC – The LEGO Mindstorms EV3 ‘C’ Programming Language

RobotC 4.10
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ROBOTC is the premiere robotics programming language for educational robotics and competitions. ROBOTC is a C-Based Programming Language with an Easy-to-Use Development Environment.

RobotC: NXT Beach Buggy Controlled via NXT2WiFi

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This LEGO Mindstorms NXT Beach Buggy is controlled via an Internet Browser Interface using a LEGO Mindstorms NXT [NXT2WiFi]. This is my first project using one of Daniele Benedettelli’s [NXT2WiFi]. Any Internet Browser capable device can control it. The NXT2WIFI is a miniature Webserver Module featuring a fully integrated 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi interface, giving your LEGO® MINDSTORMS® creations access to any Wi-Fi network.

RobotC & Logitech F710 Joysticks with Windows7 amd64

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ROBOTC has Joystick Controller stations built into the interactive debugger. “Joystick Control – Simple” is a debugger window to control the NXT via a Logitech USB remote control. “Joystick Control – Game” is a full featured Controller Station which is used mainly for FIRST Tech Challange or other competitions that are NXT or TETRIX based.

RobotC: Autonomous Holonomic Platform using 4x Sonars

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This Autonomous Tri-Drive Holonomic Platform is fitted with [rotacaster] and uses 4x Ultrasonic Sensors for navigation. The RobotC Code is based on my previous post on using multiple Sonar Sensors in RobotC. The main challenge is to use all 4 Ultrasonic Sensors without them interfering with each other, resulting in non-valid measurement readings for distance values to obstacles.

RobotC: Using Multiple Ultrasonic (Sonar) Sensors

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When using Multiple Ultrasonic (Sonar) Sensors together, you need to configure the Sensors to use ‘Single Shot Mode’, so only ONE Sensor is taking a measurement at any time. If you have all the Ultrasonic Sensors on at once they interfere with each other and give incorrect readings. To get around these issues, you need to take advantage of the LEGO Sonar Sensor’s Mode 1: Single Shot Mode.

PS2 Controlled Holonomic Platform Using RobotC

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Yes, another Holonomic Platform. My son, Anthony requested a Holonomic robot to take to school for show-and-tell. So here it is with a few scholarly extras, including the [robotc] code.
A Holonomic platform is one of the many types of Holonomic drive trains — it can move forward and backward as well as left or right without turning. The Holonomic platform can move in any direction instantaneously unlike conventional four wheeled vehicles.

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