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I have spent the weekend experimenting with my Raspberry Pi’s. One challenge I set myself was to get a Sony PS2 Dualshock Controller working with Raspberry Pi. The main reason for this, was to allow me to control a BrickPi Robot without using a Mindsensors PS2 Controller Adapter connected to the Brick Pi. This leaves access to the maximum number of four NXT Sensor Ports on the BrickPi Board.

PS2 Controller Adapter

I began with a PS2 Controller and a Sony PS2 USB Controller Adapter/Converter pictured above. This adapter allows you to connect a PS2 Dualshock Controller to a Raspberry Pi via a spare USB port on the Raspberry Pi. The Sony PS2 USB Controller Adapter/Converter set me back a whopping $2.28AU on eBay.

Preparing the Raspberry Pi:

Open a Terminal on the Raspberry Pi and begin by installing the “joystick” application:

sudo apt-get install joystick

Now simply connect PS2 Controller to the adapter, and then plug the other end of the adapter into a Raspberry Pi USB Port. Once connected RESET the Raspberry Pi:

sudo reboot

Now check that the PS2 Controller is detected by the Raspberry Pi:

jstest /dev/input/js0

If you receive errors, try using jstest /dev/input/js1 or jstest /dev/input/js2. I found mine was connected via /dev/input/js1.

Once you have found where the PS2 Controller is located run:

jscal /dev/input/js0

And that’s it! You can now use a Sony PS2, Dualshock Controller with Raspberry Pi.


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