Set-Up the Initial Software Configuration for the BrickPi

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The BrickPi is an add-on board from Dexter Industries that gives your Raspberry Pi LEGO® Mindstorms NXT Compatibility. The BrickPi helps you connect LEGO® Mindstorms sensors, motors, and parts to easily turn your credit card size computer into a powerful robot.


I hope this guide which will help you configure and get started with using a BrickPi. These instructions aim to make set up of all the software and other dependencies for the BrickPi to allow you to programme with C, Python or Scratch without any issues.

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Before you start, you will need the following:

Step 1:

Carefully place the BrickPi Module on top of the Raspberry Pi and power it on using a battery Pack, or A.C. Plugpac Adapter. For more help on this, refer to the Dexter Industries guide to powering the BrickPi.

Step 2:

Next we need to log on to the Raspberry Pi using SSH, (VNC) or directly if using a monitor, mouse and keyboard connected directly to the Raspberry Pi, and open the Terminal window.

Terminal Window

Should you need help connecting via SSH see this article: How do I setup/use SSH on a Raspberry PI?.

Step 3:

Next we Clone the BrickPi Github repository from it’s location:

sudo git clone

Terminal Window

Step 4:

There should be a new directory created called “BrickPi” in your current location. Open the “BrickPi” directory followed by the “script” folder. You should see a shell script named ““.

cd Brickpi/script

Terminal Window

Step 5:

We need to make the “” script executable:

sudo chmod +x

Terminal Window

Step 6:

Ensure that the Raspberry Pi is connected to the internet and run the script:

sudo ./

Terminal Window

Press Enter to start when prompted:

Terminal Window

The Raspberry Pi will automatically restart when the script is completed.

Step 7:

Now if all went to plan, your BrickPi is all set up ready for programming with C, Python and Scratch.

Follow these guides to each of the Programming Languages to help get you started:


If you face any problems, you can always find help on the BrickPi Forums.

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