Raspberry Pi “Zero”: HDMI Monitors Has NO SIGNAL

Raspberry Pi Zero
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When connecting a Raspberry Pi ‘Zero’ for the first time to a TV monitor with HDMI, and receive the message: “No Signal”. I tried it on several inputs and cables with no luck. Other devices work fine with the TV, and the cables so there can not be the problem. Then I tried a computer monitor with HDMI, also with no luck. What is happening?

I’ve investigated the problem for a couple of hours, before finding the solution.

The Raspberry Pi ‘Zero’ outputs a relatively weak HDMI Signal. Some devices may not immediately notice the Raspberry Pi ‘Zero’s HDMI Signal, or may not go through the negotiation process.

Setting the hdmi_force_hotplug=1 makes sure the Pi believes the Monitor/TV is really there. You might also need to set config_hdmi_boost=4 or even higher (up to 9) if your display needs a stronger signal.

If the display is a computer monitor, use hdmi_group=1 and if it is an older TV, try hdmi_group=2.

Do not set hdmi_safe=1 as that overrides many of the previous options.

Other things to look at are, using a shorter or better quality HDMI cable might help. Make sure your Pi’s power supply delivers 1A and not 500mA.

Suggested ‘config.txt’:

If you see a problem with the Red Colour – either absent, or interference,  might simply be that the Monitor requires a stronger signal than the Raspberry Pi ‘Zero’ can give.

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