Arduberry Interface Board for the Raspberry Pi

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The staff at Dexter Industries have busy developing an interface between the Raspberry Pi, and the world of Arduino called the Arduberry. The Arduberry allows the mating of Arduino shields too the Raspberry Pi with a simple, inexpensive hardware interface. Slide the Arduberry onto your Pi, fit a Arduino Shield, copy your Arduino code across, and hit the go button.

Arduberry Interface Board & Arduino Shields
The Arduberry is a simple and inexpensive way to bring Arduino shields to the Raspberry Pi.

The Arduberry is a shield that slides over the Raspberry Pi, allowing you to stack on Arduino shields. As far as the Raspberry Pi is concerned, the Arduberry is an invisible adapter that requires no physical configuration to work with most shields. In fact you can write and compile Arduino sketches (programs) directly on your Raspberry Pi.

Arduberry Interface Board Animation

The Arduberry brings the much loved Raspberry Pi and the world of Arduino together, uniting the two of the greatest hacking systems available.

Shields that use digital communications can be accessed directly by the Raspberry Pi, while shields that use digital or analog pins can be controlled by the Arduino.  The Arduino chip on the Arduberry can communicate directly with the Raspberry Pi with no extra setup required.

The design uses an extended header, which is left open for expansion and testing. The Arduberry has a special chip (Level Shifter: A Level Shifter connects one digital circuit that uses one logic level to another digital circuit that uses another logic level.) for translating voltages between the Raspberry Pi and the Atmega 328 chip, protecting your hardware.

The Arduberry uses an Atmega 328 microcontroller with a Arduino UNO style bootloader installed. The device has a shield footprint almost identical to that of the Arduino UNO. The Atmega 328 used has a Socketed DIP styled pin-out, rather than being a Surface Mount Device for flexibility, and to make the microcontroller easy to replace should accidents happen.

The Arduberry is powered through the Raspberry Pi.  For projects needing a little more power, you can connect an auxiliary power supply via a standard D.C. type Socket, or power the Arduberry through a USB micro Socket adapter.  

Both the Arduberry’s hardware and software designs are open-source and you can view via the Github repository.


If you don’t want to build your own Arduberry from scratch, then you are in luck as Dexter Industries recently launched the Arduberry on Kickstarter.


You can program the Arduberry directly on the Raspberry Pi. With the latest version of Arduino installed, you can directly copy most of your Arduino sketches straight over to the Raspberry Pi with no modifications.

As previously mentioned, most shields will work directly with the Raspberry Pi. Some sketches, like those that use analogue signals, will need slight modification to the sketch to be able to relay information on to the Raspberry Pi.  Dexter Industries intend to create tutorials that will walk you through how to adapt those sketches.

Here are a few examples projexts that Dexter Industries have put together to get you started with the Arduberry.

 LED Blink

Raspberry Pi and Arduino Blink Example

 Ultrasonic Ranger

Arduberry Project with Raspberry Pi and Ultrasonic Range Finder

 NFC Card reader

Raspberry Pi and Adafruit's NFC Shield.

 Dexter Industries GPS Shield

Dexter Industries Arduino and Raspberry Pi GPS Shield

 Playstation 2 Controller

Dexter Industries Arduino and Raspberry Pi and PS2 Controller Shield


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