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Extending the NXT Wifi Sensor’s Range

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The Dexter Industries Wifi Sensor allows your Lego Mindstorms NXT robots to connect to the internet and send and receive data via a local Wifi network. The I found that the Wifi Sensor had issues with signal levels, which is primary cause is my homes design. Laptops have issues as well in some areas as well.

NXT Laser Range Finding Camera Theory

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Below is Lego Mindstorms Compatible Laser Unit uses a 650nm 5mW (Red) laser module.  I wanted to create a small compact Laser Unit that fitted in as small a footprint as possible. The Laser Module and other electronics fits easily into a standard LEGO ‘2×4 Brick’, with a ‘2×3 plate’ & Technics Connector attached to the bottom. It would have been possible with some effort to fit all the parts within a ‘2×3 Brick’. I decided on a Fly-lead instead of a standard NXT style Socket to keep the unit compact. The Laser is very bright, despite it’s very small size, so as a range-finder the camera can pick it up from a far. Like a NXT Light Sensor’s Red LED, the Laser can be toggled on and of via Software.

Long Range Target Location Using a Laser Sensor

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I began testing my Mindstorms NXT Laser Target Sensor with 40mm P.V.C. Pipe Tubes 50mm Long wrapped with 3M Scotchlite 8910 Retroreflective Silver Fabric. The distance between the Laser Sensor and targets varied from between 1 to 2 Metres in this Test. The Sensor uses a 650nm 5mW (Red) laser module. The Sensor can however reliably detect objects at 2.4m (8′), dependant on ambient light conditions.

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