School Science Expo Excites Students

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Mowbray Heights Primary School was abuzz with the excited chatter of over 200 students getting up close and personal with science on Tuesday for National Science Week.

Themed ‘drones, droids and robots’, the school’s science expo was on all day and students had the opportunity to get interactive with a range of scientific activities, as well as watching a drone flying display.


SCIENCE: Grade 6 student Laura Bye, Oscar and Baby Robot, and Grade 5 students Anthony McNamara and Bailey Mackrill-Kemp taking part in a host of fun activities at Mowbray Primary School’s science expo. Picture: Scott Gelston

Each class created an interactive science display which, along with displays created by the coordinators, had everything from model skeletons to rubik’s cube solving robots to remote controlled technic cars.

Science coordinator and teacher Claire Ashman said the expo was about, “That hands on exploration of science and to show them how much fun science is.”

Ms Ashman said the children have been looking forward to it for weeks.

“There were some kinder kids… who came back and said, ‘Oh that was so much fun can we do that every day please,’,” she said.

National Science Week is on until Friday, August 19.

I spent a great couple of days working with my son Anthony as we displayed off our LEGO Mindstorms Robots at his Schools Science Faiar as part of Science Week.

I must add, I didn’t see a great deal of him during the two days as he seems to be heading up the Mowbray Hieghts Primary School’s IT Department, and was the go-to-person, for both students and especially the teaching staff. His teacher went on to tell me whilst packing up that the school will at a real loss when he departs in 2017, as Anthony is the only one who understand the technologies is such detail. He will be missed by all.

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