CakeBoard Breadboard Lets You Combine Circuits & LEGO

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Japanese shop Breadboard Maniac has come up with a custom breadboard that you can use for work and play. The CakeBoard is a solderless breadboard that you can stack and connect like LEGO. In fact you can connect it to LEGO. Because.

Cakeboard Breadboard

The CakeBoard’s versatility comes from the holes on its corners. Each CakeBoard comes with four small pegs that you can place on the holes to connect multiple units. You can connect them side-by-side or stack them up. You can also use the pegs or screws to prop up the breadboard, in case you need some clearance. As a bonus, the holes happen to fit on LEGO studs. Finally, unlike most breadboards, there is no gap between the points at the center of the CakeBoard, giving you more connection options.

With conventional solderless breadboards, you’re only able to build plane circuits, and it’s not easy when you want to try something different and creative. However, you can build a circuit that extends upward with multiple Cake Boards stacked on top of each other. Which allows you to design something different and creative!

If you wanted to give your kid some breadboards as a present, which would you like to choose for your kid, usual breadboards or Cake Boards? Of course, Cake Board! Right?

It’s because Cake Board is the first LEGO® friendly solderless breadboard which makes your kid’s LEGO® project much more fun and more challenging and creative!

Compatibility with Raspberry Pi

A Raspberry Pi can be easily attached on a Cake Board. And it works perfectly!


Ideal thru-holes for a multiple-layer circuit

The holes on a Cake Board are through-holes. Therefore, a multiple-layer circuit can be built even in the prototyping phase. And with this feature, you can save a lot of working space!


Compatibility with LEGO®

Cake Board fits perfectly on LEGO® blocks!

If you have LEGO® plates and blocks, you can place Cake Boards anywhere you want on your LEGO® project.
When your breadboard project and LEGO® project come together, your creativity starts flowing like water!


Cake Board eliminates your frustration

It is sometimes quite frustrating that conventional solderless breadboards don’t have holes in the center. As well as the holes for power supply that are somewhat misaligned.

Cake Board has improved such shortcomings with conventional solderless breadboard. Plus, it has more holes!


Coupling parts to connect multiple boards together

Cake Broad comes with one set of coupling parts. These parts can be used in several different ways shown in the picture bellow.



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