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Autonomous Rotacaster Omni-Bot

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This Autonomous Quad Drive Omni-Bot fitted is with Rotacasters Omni-wheels and uses 4x Ultrasonic Sensors to aid in navigation. It’s based on my previous Quad-Drive Rotacaster Omni-Bot with the addition of the Ultrasonic Sensors. The main challenge is to use all 4 Ultrasonic Sensors without them interfering with each other, resulting in non-valid measurement readings for distance values to objects.

Quad-Drive Rotacaster Omni-Bot

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As I have a set of four Rotacaster Omni-wheels to test drive, I decided to build a 4-wheel Omni-Bot for a change from the normal 3-wheeled versions. Build a solid & compact 4 wheel platform wasn’t as easy as I first envisaged. But after 3 attempts I hit upon something that worked. The Lego purists may no approve of the way I had load a few joints to get it too work.

Tri-wheeled Omni-bot – Update II

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Peter McKinnon from Rotacaster pointed out from looking at my last update the  I’ve managed not to take into account that for proper Rotacaster Omni-wheels action to work on myOmni-directional robot, the wheels have to always remain parallel to the ground. When the legs were raised & lowered independently, or together  the wheels where never parallel to the floor. My initial response to Peter was thank you for bringing it to my attention & it will be an easy fix.

Tri-wheeled Omni-bot Update

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This is as far as I’ve managed to get without the proper Rotacaster Omni-wheels on my main Omni-directional robot. The legs can be raised & lowered independently, to lift the body 150+mm above the floor. The 3x Ultrasonic Sensors appear to be working together and measures the distance to objects o.k.I’m now working on programming the behaviours and using the Playstation 2 Controller.

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