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NXTLOG Food Factor Building Challenge

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To help celebrate the 2012 FIRST LEGO League (FLL) World Festival in St Louis, Mo., USA this April. This NXTLOG challenge theme is ‘FOOD FACTOR’! With requires you too develop a robot that can be used in an innovate way for the food industry.
You can choose anything from grow and pick food fresh from the farm, to how it can be safely transported, stored, served, and waste can be turned into renewable energy!

My NXTLOG ‘Crazy Contraption’ Entry

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Many robots are designed to do simple tasks in an efficient way to make our lives easier. But what if robotic machines did simple tasks in an over-complicated way? This is the type of Machine that ‘Rube Goldberg‘ envisaged for his weird world. Below is an example of a ‘Rube Goldberg Light Switch’. I have attempted emulate this crazy idea of Goldberg’s, with my very own over complicated LEGO Mindstorms NXT based ‘Light Switch’.

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