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A Shinning Light for the NXTCam Camera

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I’ve been experimenting with my new Mindsensor NXTCam. As most people are aware of the inherent issues associated with optical sensing, mainly due to changes in lighting level, can be very frustrating. In attempt to minimise this lighting issue, I decide to construct a stable light source for the NXTCam. To begin, I needed to organise some LED lighting modules that I could run from a standard LEGO 7.2-9.0 volt power supply. As I could only source a 12 Volt Modules with which to work with, the project needed some extra electronics to make it work.

Restore or Upgrade Mindsensor NXTCam Firmware

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After receiving my NXTCam a couple of days ago, I experimented with it for an hour or so initially before turning in for the night. The next morning, I found my NXTCam‘s Firmware didn’t like being woken from it’s slumber! I found Deepak Patil of Mindsensors extremely helpful in getting me pointed in the right direction initially when I had issues with my NXTCam v3.0. My panicked emails were responded too very efficiently despite a time zone difference of 12+ hours.

Mindsensors NXTCam on Linux, with aNXTCam

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NXTCam-v3Love Linux, have a Mindstorms NXT Kit, and your wishing for a Mindsensors NXTCam-v3, that works in Linux!

If you are a Linux user and own a Mindsensor NXTCam, you life has just become a lot easier with aNXTCam. aNXTCam is a native Linux software suite written by Janosch Gräf for the Vision Subsystem v3 for NXT: NXTCam v3.0.

aNXTCam is a subproject of aNXT. It has been developed for configuring the Mindsensors NXTCam on a Linux machine. To my knowledge there is no other software available for Linux platform at this time that gives you complete control over your NXTCam.

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