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The first retail version of Lego Mindstorms was released in 1998 and marketed commercially as the Robotics Invention System (RIS). The original Mindstorms Robotics Invention System kit contained two motors, two touch sensors, one light sensor and over 700 Technic parts.


The first generation of Lego Mindstorms was built around a brick known as the RCX. It contains a 8-bit Renesas H8/300 microcontroller as its internal CPU. It also contains 32K of RAM that stores the firmware and user programs. The brick is programmed by uploading a program (written in one of several available programming languages) from a Windows or Mac computer to the brick’s RAM via a special infrared (IR) interface. After the user starts a program, an RCX-enabled Mindstorms creation may function totally on its own, acting on internal and external stimuli according to the programmed instructions. Also, two or several more RCX bricks can communicate with each other through the IR interface, enabling inter-brick cooperation or competition. In addition to the IR port, there are three sensor input ports and three motor output ports (also usable for lamps, etc.). There is also an LCD that can display the battery level, the status of the input/output ports, which program is selected or running, and other information.

The IR interface on the RCX is able to communicate with Spybots, Scout Bricks, Lego Train, and the NXT (using a third-party infrared link sensor.) The RCX 1.0 IR receiver carrier frequency is 38.5 kHz, while the RCX 2.0 IR carrier frequency is 76 kHz. Both versions can transmit on either frequency. The carrier signal is generated by one of the RCX’s internal timers. The RCX communicates with a computer using a Serial or USB IR tower. The tower is supported by Windows 98, Me, and XP (32-bit). A patch is available for hyper-threading/multi-core CPUs. There is no formal support for Windows Vista (32-bit), but there are reports of correct functionality.

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Listed below is my RIS (RCX) Mindstorms Parts & Accessories:

Set #9747-1 Robotics Invention System, Version 2.0.



Set #3800-1 RCX Ultimate Builders.


Set# 3801-1 RCX Ultimate Accessories.


Set 9730-1 RCX RoboSports Expansion


Set 9731-1 RCX Vision Command (Digital Color Camera) Expansion


Set 9732-1 RCX Extreme Creatures Expansion.


Set 9736-1 RCX Exploration Mars Expansion.


Set 9783-1 RCX Infrared Transmitter with USB Cable Expansion.


Lego Mindstorms Micro Scout Kit.

Set 9754-1 Dark Side Developers Kit.


Part 9756-1 Rotation Sensor Accessory.


Part 9758-1 Light Sensor 9V Accessory.


Part 9911-1 Touch Sensor with Removable Leads Accessory.


Part 9757-1 Touch Sensor with Cable Accessory.


Part 3805-1 Robotics Invention System Upgrade Kit (2.0).


Part 2000076 ROBOLAB 2.5.4.B CD-ROM Software Accessory.


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