Matching Ore Carrages for the LEGO 60052 Cargo Train

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I have been designing some Ore Carriages for my new layout which will match LEGO’s new 60052 Cargo Train.

60052 Cargo Train & Iron Ore Carriages

As part of my LEGO Train Layout I am building a mine and Ore Loading Facility. As part of this I will need a construct a number of Ore carrying Carriages to carry the Ore. After a few hours tinkering in LEGO Digital Designer, the resultant Carriages look great.

Iron Ore Carriage

I’m very pleased with the outcome and have decided to share my design for fellow readers to build for their Train Layouts. You can download the LEGO Digital Designer files here: IronOreCarriage.lxf

LEGO City 60052 Cargo Train

Now all that’s let for me too do is to head on over to BrickLink and order the required bricks to build half a dozen or so carriages for my Rolling Stock collection. In the meantime it’s back to cutting and gluing as I slowly mould my Train Layout together….

Ore Carriages

Download the LEGO Digital Designer files here: IronOreCarriage.lxf

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