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Using LEGO ExoForce Devastator Wheels (160mm D. x 28mm) to go Off-road with your LEGO NXT Robots is a great idea. But, the biggest problem is creating a solid attachment to you Robot. 

LEGO ExoForce Devastator Wheel Interface

After an hour or two, involving a lot of trial and error, I came up with the method shown in the video below. The method used involves using a LEGO Technic Part #48452cx1, Large Turntable Type 2 as the mount point between the wheel and Robot chassis.

The Lime ExoForce Devastator Wheels (160mm D. x 28mm) are available from BrickLink at prices ranging from $2.00-5.00 each. There are also Black Versions available as well.


I suggest you lubricate the Turntables with some Silicone Spray by carefully leaver open the two parts of the Turntable, just wide enough to get the spray inside. This will make a considerable difference to the friction factor, and hence the power required to drive the wheels.

The Silicon Lubricant Spray is available at most Hardware Stores and Sewing Machine retailers. It’s a great companion to the old WD-40, but unlike the later, doesn’t effect plastics and other surfaces. Great for freeing up the Zips on you clothing as well.



LEGO ExoForce Devastator Wheel Interface

I’m working on an going project in the form of a large 4-Wheel-Drive vehicle to take off-road. The Robot’s navigation will be controlled via a Dexter Industries LEGO Mindstorms NXT dGPS. The Dexter Industries dGPS Sensor provides GPS coordinate information to your robot, calculating navigation information. The sensor provides latitude, longitude, time, speed and heading information to your robot. Using its powerful navigational calculation capabilities to navigate to target coordinates.

ExoForce Rover
My ExoForce Rover Wheeled Prototype Chassis

The dGPS Sensor can be used for any robot that needs to know where it is, or where it’s going. You can do everything from track your travels on Google Maps, to building a satellite-guided robot.

Exoforce Devastator
Set # 8108-1: Mobile Devastator

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