Thick Technic Liftarms with Even Numbered Holes

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Ever needed Thick Technic Liftarms with ‘Even Numbered Holes‘? Well now thanks to the world of 3D Printing they are available thanks to a fellow Tasmanian’s ingenuity.

1x12 Liftarm

All money raised through the sales of these parts goes towards running the robotics program at Ulverstone High School, Tasmania, Australia. This will allow them to buy extra kits, upgrade their current NXT 2.0 kits to EV3 kits, parts, additional official Lego and 3rd party sensors, and any other equipment that will improve their resources.





1×4 Lift Arm
$2.91 each

1×6 Liftarm
$3.61 each

1×8 Liftarm
$4.36 each

1×10 Liftarm
$5.10 each

1×12 Liftarm
$5.85 each

1×14 Liftarm
$6.60 each

1×16 Liftarm
$7.35 each

1×1 Spacer
$1.74 each

Axle Removal/Insertion Tool
$5.20 each
2×2 Liftarm
$2.86 each

Available from the TasParts Store at Shapeways Now!





These are custom, non-Lego endorsed, parts that are compatible with Lego Technics pieces. These should not be used in official MOCS, MODS, or models intended for Lego competitions. They are, however, suitable for custom Lego robotics parts (which is their intended purpose).

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