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I had a package arrive today from Soren Jensen, in Copenhagen, Denmark containing a pair of LEGO Technics & Mindstorms Compatible ‘MinuteBot Baseplates’. The [MinuteBot] Base is a thick, very robust base plate that is a must have for your Technics Models and LEGO Mindstorms Robots. The [MinuteBot Base] is a rectangular plate measuring 21 x 30 Technic holes.

MinuteBot Baseplate -4.jpg

The physical dimensions (L x W x H) of a [MinuteBot Base] are: 240 x 168 x 8 mm. The weight is estimated to be around 135g. The material is Off-White ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) type plastic with some glass fibre added to increase stiffness.

MinuteBot Baseplate -0.jpg

You can use the [MinuteBot Base] in many different configurations. But, as they say: Two’s company, three’s a crowd – and four is a party! Look at what you can do by linking four [MinuteBot Base] plates together:


The [MinuteBot Base] is semi-professional robotics product. Designed and built to be used together with LEGO Mindstorms – but with robust elements.  All MinuteBot Products are designed for high precision and durability using industrial-type components.

The [MinuteBot Base] makes creating bases for all types of robots quick, and more importantly, you don’t have to struggle with interfacing to the old LEGO Stud Type Baseplates! All-in-all, a fantastic product which I highly recommend.

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