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LEGO PF to NXT Adapter Cable

I really despise the NXT Motor design. The shape of the motor was basically just designed to allow construction of the LEGO Mindstorms NXT Kit’s, AlphaOne‘ Robot easy. As a result, it makes it hard to use the NXT Motors in a lot of situations without extra bulk being added to your design. Often I just ditch the NXT Motor in preference for a LEGO Power Functions Motor. The downside to this approach is you have no feedback from the Power Functions Motors, unlike the NXT Motors with their Quadrature Rotary Encoders. You can use a LEGO Mindstorms RCX Rotation Sensor for a lot of applications.

The Mars Rotacaster Rover

Part I

Lookout NASA, you have Rover competition. And it uses the amazing Rotacaster Omni-wheels for unsurpassed maneuverability in confined spaces. There is no need of a steering mechanism to turn the Rotacaster Rover thanks to the unique wheel design.

PF Battery Box with Li-Poly Rechargeable

I decided to modify a Lego Power Functions Battery Box and fit with an 11.1 Volt Li-Poly Rechargeable Battery Pack & use a Regulator I.C. to provide the regulated 9Volts required by Power Functions type Devices. The modification was easy, but time consuming to remove the excess plastic in order to get the Li-Poly Rechargeable Battery Pack to fit inside the battery box.


The Lego PF/NXT OMNI-SPIDER omnidirectional 8-legged robot that imitates a Spider with an excellent degree of accuracy. This is a preview of the prototype, built by Menno Gorter. You can easily imagine that Menno’s final version will be absolutely BRILLIANT! As the name suggest, his PF/NXT OMNI-Spider is capable of walking in any direction. It appears he has achieved this by pairing two legs to a single Lego Power Functions XL-Motor.

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