High Volume Pneumatic Compressor

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Here are the Instructions to build a LEGO Technic, High Volume Pneumatic Compressor. The Compressor uses 2x Large Pneumatic Pumps to fill the Air tank. A large Pneumatic Cylinder is used to drive a Pole Reversing Switch which turns the Compressor off when the system is fully pressurized.

High Capacity Pneumatic Compressor

A large Power Functions XL-Motor is used to drive a 2x 16-tooth gears via a a third 16-tooth ear). The 16 Tooth gears each drive a CAM made from 1×2 thin type Liftarm. The other end of the 1×2 thin type Liftarm, shown RED in the CAD Drawings below, is connect to a shaft which traverses the top of a Pneumatic Pump.

High Capacity Pneumatic Compressor

The Power Functions XL-Motor could be replaced by a RC Race Buggy Motor (Part #5292), which runs faster. Also the old style Pole Reversing Switchcould be replaced with a newer Power Functions Control Switch.

High Capacity Pneumatic Compressor

High Volume LEGO Pneumatic Compressor Video

A couple of extra LEGO Pneumatic Air-tanks (Part #67c01) are advisable if you intend to use more than a couple of Pneumatic Cylinders. Using 16-tooth Gears speeds up the compressor, but you need fresh fully charged batteries for optimum results.

High Capacity Pneumatic CompressorHigh Capacity Pneumatic Compressor

High Capacity Pneumatic Compressor

 High Volume Pneumatic Compressor CAD Images (less Pneumatic components)


Download Instructions:

Download the Instructionsfor the High Volume Pneumatic Compressor.



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