ExoForce Wheeled Rover Prototype

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This is my ExoForce Rover Wheeled Prototype Chassis. Using the Exoforce Wheel Mounts discussed in my previous post, I now have the basic chassis set-up. The Chassis allows both the front and rear wheels to be driven. Also both front and rear axles steer in order to help to decrease the robots turning circle.

CAD of ExoForce Rover Chassis
CAD Model of My ExoForce Wheeled Rover Prototype Chassis

The chassis design appears to be solid and reliable, as my 6 year old son has been putting through its paces with no disasters this afternoon for an hour.


My ExoForce Wheeled Rover Prototype Chassis Wheel Mount

The chassis is 4WD Drive with Steering Front and Rear Axles. The Technic Type 2 Turntable makes a robust interface between the ExoForce Wheel and the chassis.

My ExoForce Wheeled Rover Prototype Chassis Half

Initially the ExoForce Wheeled Rover Prototype will not have any suspension as I’m waiting on a BrickLink Order for more parts. I have 10’s of Kilograms of LEGO Technics at my disposal, but I never seem too have enough to have more than a couple of projects running at the same time.

My ExoForce Wheeled Rover Prototype Chassis

In coming days I will add the motors and sensor, to allow it autonomous enough to have it run out on the lawn. Hopefully my Dexter Industries dGPS sensor isn’t too far away. When the dGPS arrives,no doubt I’ll have a challenge learning the ins-and-outs of the sensor.

Turn Right: ExoForce Wheeled Rover Prototype Chassis

When it comes to the motors that will drive the wheels, I will experiment with both NXT Motors and the Part  #8882-1 Power Functions XL-Motor. I’m thinking along the lines of 2x Power Functions XL-Motor mounted in an adder configuration and driven via a Mindsensors NXT Relay Driver in order to cope with the current requirements.

Turn Left: My ExoForce Wheeled Rover Prototype Chassis
Download the CAD File


So stay tuned for further developments……..

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