Wii-NunChuck Controlled Mindstorms NXT Soccer Robot

Wii Soccer Bot
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For the forth coming [brixhibition] Exhibition at the end of April, I have been asked to set-up and run a couple of interactive Robot Soccer fields.The Robots needed to be robust and reliable as members of the public will be interacting with them. Also they need to have a a simple, intuitive, and easy to use hand held controller. I have used Sony Playstation PS-2 Controllers, but they have far too many controls that would be unused and confusing to the first time operator. I chose to use a Nintendo Wii® Nun-Chuck Controller for the job.


The Nintendo Wii® Nun-chuck Controllers are very robust, intuitive and fit virtually any size hand.

WiiSoccerBot-01 WiiSoccerBot-02 WiiSoccerBot-03 WiiSoccerBot-04 WiiSoccerBot-05 WiiSoccerBot-06

The [dexter]’ NXTChuck allows you to control your LEGO MINDSTORMS robot with the Nintendo Wii® Nun-Chuck. Simply plug the digital adapter into any sensor port on your LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT/EV3, connect a Wii Nun-Chuck to the adapter, and you can control your robot with the Wii Nun-Chuck! The NXTChuck allows you to use the Nun-Chuck™’s trigger buttons, joystick, and motion-sensing controls. What more do you need?

The adapter works with the official Wii Nun-Chuck, and with the couple of eBay acquired clones I have. Therefore I think it’s safe to say that if it works with your Wii, it will be fine with the Nun-Chuck Adapter.

As can be seen from the images and video above, the whole robot assembly is pretty straightforward, and thus to easy to repair if needed in a hurry. I have made a [LDD] CAD file and the RobotC code available for download:


The Rotacaster Robot-wheel at the Robot allows for easy and smooth motion in any direction. The omni-wheel also saves building, the ever unreliable jockey-wheel.

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