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This is the beginnings of what will hopefully become a Soccer Playing Bot eventually. I will fit a set of Rotacaster Omni-wheels to the bot when they become available in the Lego Technics format.

It uses thre motors for propollution & a fourth for kicking the ball. The Kicker motor is controlled via Mindsensor’s NXTMMX Motor Mux. It uses two Touch Sensors on the Left & Right sides to detect collisions and the wall. These two sensors and a third Touch Sensor for stop-and-start ar connected to a Mindsensor Touch Mux. The Ultrasonic Sensor is used for detecting the Soccer Ball is in range of the Kicker. A Compass Sensor is used to locate the direction of the Goals it defends or Scores at. The final Sensor used will be a HiTechnic Infra-red Seeker Sensor to detect the Infra-red transmitting Soccer Ball.


Test #1 of the Omni-wheeled Bot

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