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An example of a Lego Mindstorms NXT Killough Platform featuring 3x Rotacaster (, R-2048-01 Double 48mm Omni-Wheels. 3x NXT Motors and a Mindsensors PSP-Nx-v3, a Sony PlayStation2 Controller interface for NXT to control the Robot.

Structurally, the ‘Killough Platform’ consists of three wheels arranged in a triangle or three-point star separated by 120 Degrees. Each wheel pushes its end of the star in a tangential direction in relation to the centre. I soon realised that controlling the three motors is actually the toughest problem with this type of robotic motion. If you want ‘Killough Platform’ to move in any one direction, you need to operate all three motors in varying speeds. In order to solve the problem, some vector mathematics is required.

See my Article: Controlling a Killough Platform for more technical details.

RotaCaster Omni-wheel
The RotaCaster Omni-wheel complete with Lego Axle

Many thanks to Mr. Peter McKinnon from Rotacaster for having faith in me and to take on the challenges involved with developing what is an Industrial Rotacaster Omni-wheel, into a product suitable for use with Lego Mindstorms & Technics Robots. Having used the other available Omni-wheels on the market, the Rotacaster is a superior product in all aspects. These Omni-wheels are simply a beautiful work of Art.

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