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Christmas arrived early this year for me when the Postman knocked today with a package from Peter McKinnon containing a set of 4x 48mm Rotacasters with the Lego Axel adapters. At this stage these prototypes appear to have been worth every bit of development time they have taken up so far. The softer Durometer Type Rollers on the 48mm wheels, are excellent on timber and vinyl floor surfaces. They also appear to work surprisingly well on carpets as well.

NXT Wheel & Rotacaster
48mm Rotacasters with the Standard Lego NXT kit Wheel

The 48mm Rotacasters is only 8mm in diameter smaller than the standard Lego NXT kit Wheel (56mm Diameter). Both wheels have an axle width of 26mm. As a result you can easily substitute the NXT Wheel with the 48mm Rotacasters in most models. The  ½ inch Rotacasters Hub insert for mounting the Omni-wheels to the Lego Axles, fit tightly within the Rotacasters Hub and look great. They grip the Lego Axle firmly, but still allowed my nearly 5 year old Son to remove the Rotacasters from the axle.

Rotacasters Wheel fitted to OmniBot
My Simple OmniBot fitted with the 48mm Rotacasters

I’ll attempt to post some video hopefully of the Rotacasters in action by the weekend. I’ waiting for a replacement Firewire Card for my PC in order too get the Videos from my Camera to the Internet.

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