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Bazmarc‘s (Marc-Andre Bazergui) Lego Space Police Sentinel, Based on the LEGO® Space Police theme, this Sentinel is NXTfied and makes use of Rotacaster‘s upcoming NXT/Technic compatible Omni Wheels!

LEGO Space Police Sentinel – Rotacaster – Mindstorms !

NXT Parts Used:

  • 1 NXT 3 NXT Servo
  • 3 Light Sensors
  • 2 Ultrasonic
  • Technic Parts from Space Police Theme

and last but not least… 3 Rotacaster Omni Wheels.

Marc-Andre is from Montreal, Canada and has a great Collection of Close-up Photographs of his Lego Space Police Sentinel which are really worth viewing, along with many other projects! He is also a an active member of QueLug – the Québec LEGO User Group in Canada –

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