Quad-Drive Rotacaster Omni-Bot

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As I have a set of four Rotacaster Omni-wheels to test drive, I decided to build a 4-wheel Omni-Bot for a change from the normal 3-wheeled versions. Build a solid & compact 4 wheel platform wasn’t as easy as I first envisaged. But after 3 attempts I hit upon something that worked. The Lego purists may no approve of the way I had load a few joints to get it too work.

Quad-Drive Omni-Bot
Rotacaster fitted Quad-Drive Omni-Bot.

The chassis was kept small by using 4x Small 9V Power Functions Motors in place of the standard NXT Motors. These small compact motors are more than capable of direct driving the robot wheels to my surprise. Initially I was going to use the Power Functions Recievers and a HiTechnic Infrared Link to communicate with them, but I decided to pair the motors and drive them directly from the NXT. This certainly simplified things and scaled the programming back to a basic Tank Driving NXC code. It’s controlled with a Mindsensors PSP-Nx-v3: Sony PlayStation2 Controller interface for NXT using Joystick control.

Quad-Drive Omni-Bot Bottom
Rotacaster fitted Quad-Drive Omni-Bot from Below.

As can be see above, the actual construction is relatively straight forward. The Rotacaster Wheel Housings are a bit fiddly to mount to the main chassis an needs a bit of brute-force to make it happen. Once attached they are very stable and strong. It’s a pity that the Small 9V Power Functions Motors only have the front mount-points unlike the Larger XL Motor Version which would give more & stronger mounting options. This final version took a couple of hours to nut out the engineering and build. It took more time turning the PC on than programming the Robot.

Rotacaster Fitted NXT Quad-Drive Rotacaster Omni-Bot in Action!

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