Powering the LEGO Mindstorms Brick from a 9v Plugpack

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I have been asked a number of times too how I power my Stationary and Development Robots from a 9 Volt, 5 Amp D.C. Plugpack connected to the Mains Power Supply. I prefer to have a Power Supply that can easily handle the demands put on it. A minimum rating of 3 Amps is needed if you plan running 4x Motors from the EV3 Brick.

In short, I use two methods, besides using the LiPo or Lithium Battery in situ. One uses Dummy AA Batteries with the wires from the Plugpack soldered as shown.

  • Plugpack Positive –> Dummy Battery Positive
  • Plugpack Negative –> Dummy Battery Negative

The other method is two use an Female DC Power Socket Adapter Wire Connector and a couple of paper clips, as per the images below. In order to use the Battery Compartment Cover, you will need to shave off the ridges that contact the Inline D.C. Socket to ensure the correct fit.

I suggest that you take a voltage reading from the Plugpack Adapter to insure its output is 9 Volts or LESS. Power to the NXT & RCX Brick cannot exceed 9.2 Volts. If so your Brick will be BRICKED! You have been warned…

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