NXT Wall-e Transformable

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A Brilliant NXT Bot by Andreas. The Lego NXT Wall-e transformable robot is fully self controlled and uses Lego Mindstorms programming environment. I believe it’s the first Lego built look-alike wall-e which is capable  transforming automatically. The Transformation is quite similar to the way the original Wall-e does it in the Movie.

  • Features: NXT® operated. Self/Remote controlled. Moves forward/backward. Spins R/L. Turns R/L. Holds Things. Drops Things. Makes Noises. Sound Aware. Hides Tracks. Hides Head & Arms. Transforms. Looks up/down.
  • Components: 1x NXT Brick. 5x RCX Motors. 3x Linear Actuators. 1x Mindsensors NXT-MMX.
  • Development: 250 hours. Start September 2009 & Finish July 201.
  • Dimensions: Height 15.5cm. Width 17.5cm. Depth 20.0cm. Weight 1.8kg
  • Visit Website: http://sites.google.com/site/nxtwallet/.
Very well Engineered Andreas!

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