NXT Tower Defense Programmed with Urbi

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I came across the NXT Tower Defense project while cruising the web and felt compelled to share it. NXT Tower Defense is a system that lets you build, develop and play with your own robot. This robot is designed with Lego Mindstorms NXT for hardware and uses URBI, Qt and OpenCV for the software. This means that this robot can be used by anyone who has some knowledge of development – and Lego – and the desire to learn about robotics and especially URBI.


This robot is a launching projectile that can detect, track and shoot objects like Picoo-z or AR Drone. It can be played by 2 or more players, one to control the helicopter and the other to control the ‘NXT Tower Defense’.

This project comes with a version ready to use for testing and a developer version to custom the system. The pack contains all the elements needed to build and use your robot very quickly. In fact, you will find the construction manual Lego and all operating software for a quick start on the NXT Tower Defense website.

NXT Tower Defence

Urbi is an open-source software platform to control robots or complex systems in general. It includes a C++ component library called UObject that comes with a robot standard API to describe motors, sensors and algorithms. Next to UObject, you can use the urbiscript orchestration script language to glue the components together and describe high level behaviors, a bit like python or LUA, but with embedded parallel and event-driven semantics to make the job easier.

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