NXT Particle Filter Demonstration

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This is a Monte Carlo Localization demonstration using a LEGO Mindstorms NXT Robot. It uses an IR remote control to control the odometry and the sensors used are an ultrasonic and a compass sensor from HiTechnic.

Ricardo Oliveira,s NXT Particle Filter Demonstration.

The robot runs an embedded NXC program to generate the odometry motion model, based on motors tachometers, retrieving the information to a laptop through blue-tooth. The map dimension is 122 x 160cm. The algorithm estimates x, y and theta and reaches a fairly good stability with about 150 particles. The filtering step with the sensor model is processed in Matlab and uses RWTH toolbox to get the odometry.

The Robot & software is by Ricardo Oliveira, a Portuguese LEGO® fan of mainly Mindstorms and Technic . He is also a member of PLUG – Portuguese LEGO Users Group. His YouTube Channel is where he puts all his LEGO Mindstorms creations and some videos from events. You can see more pictures of his creations on his Brickshelf page.

You can contact Ricardo Oliveira at: ricardo.m.oliv(AT)gmail.com


Vending-Machine No. II
Ricardo’s Lego Mindstorms NXT Vending-Machine No. II

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