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I received a a new batch of Rotacaster Omni-wheels today which look and work fantastic. The new Colour Palette, matches that of the LEGO Mindstorms NXT Kits. They will look the part on any LEGO Model.

New Rotacaster Roller Design Triumph

The time, money & effort Rotacaster has put into getting these LEGO Technic and Mindstorms Compatible omni-wheels has paid off. The new wheels don’t only look great, but the rollers which allow the wheel to move sideways have are very free moving compared to the earlier prototypes I received.

Gone are the hassles I had initially with rollers binding!

Congratulations Rotacaster on a an amazing piece of engineer, which every serious LEGO fanatic needs in their spare parts kit!

New Rotacaster Roller Design Triumph

And also in my package was one of Rotacaster’s new Omni-direction Key transporting devices. It looks great and just in time to replace my failed Toyota Lander Cruiser Keyring.
Rotacaster Kering

Rotacaster Kering

Over the next week or so I will put the New Rotacaster Omni-Wheels through their paces. They should be just what I need for a Line-following Dump Truck I’ve build which is part of a larger on going project. The Rotacasters should help the Truck negotiate tighter corners if my theory works in practise?

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