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The Mindsensors GlideWheel-M, Power Functions (PF) Motor controller for the NXT is designed to control PF motors from NXT. Providing high precision speed and rotation control, in an easy to use design. The GlideWheel-M PF Motor controller allows direct connection of PF Motors to your NXT. No extra power needed as Power for the motors is supplied from NXT’s Motor Port.

GlideWheel-M Mount-6.jpg

You can mount GlideWheel-M on PF motor directly and insert an axle through the GlideWheel-M encoder, or Mount GlideWheel-M on your wheel, insert an axle through GlideWheel-M encoder and your wheel and engage the wheel with your PF motor using gears.  If you are using gears between your PF motor and GlideWheel-M, ensure that the GlideWheel-M encoder turns in the same direction as your motor. You can flip the GlideWheel-M to change encoder’s direction.

GlideWheel-M Mount-5.jpg

I’ve developed a compact Mounting design for a Mindsensors GlideWheel-M attached to a Worm Gear arrangement for Encoder accuracy and High Torque from a LEGO Power Functions M-Motor. The gear ratio is 1:24, producing a speed decrease of 24 times, but the torque is increased by 24 times. The output shaft rotates 0.042 times per each revolution of the worm gear.

GlideWheel-M Mounting Points.png

Although the output speed is relatively slow, the Encoder output from the GlideWheel-M Power Functions Motor Controller is very high in accuracy. The output shaft spins at approximately 11.5 RPM, down from the Power Functions M-Motor RPM rate of 275 RPM.

GlideWheel-M Mount-1.png

Mindsensors recommend that for best results from the Power Functions Medium Motor  with NXT, is to use step down gears between motor and GlideWheel-M, so that it’s encoder is turning slower than the motor. 


You can directly mount GlideWheel-M on to the Power Functions XL Motor, extending the axle through the GlideWheel-M Encoder as the motor’s RPM rate of  145 is much lower than that of  the Power Functions Medium Motor.

GlideWheel-M Mount-3.png

Setting the power value to 100 in your program will result in a very high RPM for PF motors. Mindsensors recommend that for best results, see that GlideWheel-M RPM is comparable to a standard NXT Motor’s 120-150 RPM. Visit Philo’s LEGO® 9V Technic Motors Comparison and Characteristics article, for detailed information on Technics based motors including Power function Motors.


GlideWheel-M XL-Motor Mount.png
GlideWheel-M XL-Motor Mount

The construction of the Mounting a Mindsensors GlideWheel-M to a Worm Gear Drive Train is straight forward to build. I suggest you replace the standard Technics 1/2 Bush at each end of the worm gear with with Technic Bush 1/2 Toothed Type II ( Part 4265b) as this helps to minimizes gear lash. The Technic Bush 1/2 Toothed Type I (Part 4265a) will also do the same job. You will need to have the Teeth on these 1/2 bushes facing towards the worm gear as pictured below.

WormGears -1.png

Download the LEGO Digital Designer Cad files: 

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