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If you are not absolutely amazed while watching these two videos, there is something wrong.  Read more on on The NXTStep and at Team Hassenplug.

Quick Facts

  • Over 100,000 LEGO® pieces

    • 37,612 in the chess board
    • 17,748 in the robot bases
    • 17,114 in the bodies
    • 22,688 in the mosaics
    • 1,853 in the move selection center
  • Total retail cost: around $30,000
  • Size of board: 156ft2 (14.5m2)
  • Took 4 people about a year to create
  • Opponent types

    • Human vs Human
    • Human vs Computer
    • Computer vs Computer
  •  Play options

    •  Normal chess game
    •  Chess puzzle
    •  Replay historical match
  •  Programming languages used
  •  LabVIEW for the robots
  •  C# for the PC user interface
  •  Interfaces with standard chess engine

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