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Using LEGO® ExoForce Devastator Wheels (160mm D. x 28mm) to go Off-road with your LEGO® Mindstorms NXT Robots is a great idea, but as they are, they are pretty useless for a robot. This is due to the mount arrangement of the wheels hub mounting points. As mentioned in my previous post, ‘Using ExoForce Devastator Wheels’. I came up with a reliable method of connecting the wheels to your robot’s chassis. This in mind, I decided to go one step further….

Modified ExoForce Wheel with ‘Glued’ Components Attached

My Modifications to the ExoForce Wheels too make them more useful for Mindstorms Robots involved some plastic cement. “I can hear the screams of disapproval already”. But as mentioned before, they are virtually useless otherwise. The mount just isn’t secure enough for Off-road purposes.

My choice of Plastic Cement that works very well with LEGO® Parts is made by Revell: Contacta Professional Product Code: REV-39604. For pinpoint accurate gluing you can’t beat it! The extra fine nozzle of this glue product allows for micro-fine gluing of tiny edges of transparent parts. Excellent Plastic welding effect, liquid consistency, quick-drying, extra-fine nozzle, subsequent application also possible.

I glued the parts shown in the above image. This configuration allow for easy attachment to the LEGO® Technics Type 2 Turntable as shown below.

Modified ExoForce Wheel, Mounted to LEGO® Type 2 Turntable

When the Modified ExoForce Wheels are used in conjunction with the LEGO® Technics Type 2 Turntables, to mount them to the Robot Chassis, it becomes a very solid interface between the two. The only lateral movement of the wheel is due only to Turntable slop, which is minimal.

Download the CAD File


I suggest you lubricate the Turntables with some Silicone Spray by carefully leaver open the two parts of the Turntable, just wide enough to get the spray inside. This will make a considerable difference to the friction factor, and hence the power required to drive the wheels.

The Silicon Lubricant Spray is available at most Hardware Stores and Sewing Machine retailers. It’s a great companion to the old WD-40, but unlike the later, doesn’t effect plastics and other surfaces. Great for freeing up the Zips on you clothing as well.



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