Mindstorms NXT Forklift Mark IV

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I have reworked my LEGO Mindstorms NXT Forklift again. This is the Mark IV version of my NXT Forklift with the major difference to previous designs relates to the Boom that moves the Folks Up-and-Down. In this version the Boom is far longer allowing the Forks to be raise 10 Studs from floor level.

The lifting mechanism is somewhat more complicated than previous versions. This said, the mechanism has proved very reliable. The extensions to the Containor Gripping assembly has also proved to be very reliable also.

All the major changes are visible in the following CAD Drawings. You can download the LEGO Digital Designer CAD file here:

Forklift Mark 4-01

Forklift Mark 4 02

Forklift Mark 4 03

Forklift Mark 4 04

Forklift Mark 4

Forklift Mark 4

It has taken a while for my Mindstorms NXT Forklift to reach this stage. All-in-all I am very pleased with my effort. Next is to build another Factory Inviroment like the one bellow, where the new NXT Forklift can excell, like previous models.

] The ‘Melon Factor’

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