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Lego RotacasterAs you are most probably aware, I’ve been working towards having a version of the Rotacaster Omni-wheel available for your Lego Mindstorms kit. With many thanks to Mr. Peter McKinnon, Managing Director of Rotacaster, the company is tooling up to make a run of some 200 wheels which will fit straght on a standard Lego Technic Axle. On the Lego version of the Double Rotacaster 48mm Omni-wheel, the red rollers will be coated with rubber (TPE) to allow for excellent grip on all surfaces. Mr. McKinnen will be in the US from the 19th to the 30th, and depending on timing may bring some of the prototypes back with him for distribution.

Rotacaster omni-wheels are an Australian made and owned, patented design. Also known as omni-directional wheels, multi-directional wheels or holomonic wheels, Rotacaster omni-wheels are available Rotacaster Omni-wheels are Australian Made and Owned in both a 125mm wheel diameter and a 48mm wheel diameter.

As part of this development phase of the Lego Compatible Rotacaster, Mr. Peter McKinnon is very keen to get some early Photographs and Video of completed robots in action using the Rotacator Omni-wheels. He is happy to provide wheels free of charge to select individuals who can do so in a relatively short time-frame. If you think you can come up with a winning design which uses Rotacasters, then please contact Rotacaster with your proposal via their Website’s Contact Form. Some early concept photograph/video would be advantageous to have ready by the 30 July 2010.



Xander Soldaat’s Remote Controlled Omniwheel Robot

Rotacaster Equiped Quad Drive NXT Omni-Bot in Action!


RotaCaster Omni-wheel
48mm RotaCaster Omni-wheel with Lego Technic Axle

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