Mindstorms EV3 Container Handling Crane

Container Handling Gantry Crane-06-768x576
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This is my LEGO Mindstorms EV3 powered Container Handling Crane. It also uses an Arduino Uno to control the lighting effects. This was a long term project, taking some three month of development before I had a reliable Robot capable of operating over long time periods without intervention.
​I began the build back in March 2015, but it was June before I had a reliable Robots. The first incarnation was controlled with an Arduino Uno powered EVShield from Mindsensors I was Beta Testing at the stage.

The EVShield worked quite well, but as I needed to be able to have the software multitask, which is something the Arduino Uno can accommodate I had to move to a different platform. I decided to move to the LEGO Mindstorms EV3 Microcontroller Brick instead as, unlike the LEGO Mindstorms NXT Microcontroller Brick, it has the four motor port the Robot needed.

Container Handling Gantry Crane

During the design stage, I decided upon having the Crane handle the LEGO Equivalent of 40' Containers, as well as 20' Containers which are common in the LUG Community. Two of these containers are shown below. Kent Removals & Storage are the major sponsor of Brixhibition, Tasmania's premier LEGO Exhibition run by the Tasmanian Brick Enthusiast. As a result I decided to build a LEGO Rig with Semitrailer with matching Shipping 40' Container.

Kent Removals & Storage Truck & 40' Bulk Container

Kent Removals & Storage Truck & 40' Bulk Container


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