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Lego NXT Controlled Pneumatic Switch

Controlling a Technics Pneumatic Switch with the Mindsensor™ NXT-Servo Interface and a 9g R.C. Servo. I’ve been playing around with LeJOS, Java for the NXT and my Lego™ NXT Sensor and Controller collection. When I came to my NXT-Servo Controller, I decided to through together a new version of my R.C. Servo Pneumatic Switch I designed a few years ago and power it with Java.

Use a Wii-Nunchuk as an NXT Sensor!

The Wii Nunchuk is designed to work together with the Wii Remote on the Wii console. Contoured to fit perfectly in your hand, the Nunchuk adds extra buttons, an analogue joystick, and additional motion-sensing control to expand the game play possibilities. It is also an I2C type device which makes interfacing to the Lego Mindstorms NXT easy. You can pick-up a Wii Nunchuk from eBay for under $10, and a pack of 5x NXT Compatible Male Plug from Mindsensors for $5.95. In essence a new NXT Sensor/Controller for under $20.00.

Java for Lego Mindstorms NXT

Java for Lego Mindstorms NXT
LeJOS (sometimes pronounced like the Spanish word “lejos” for “far”) is a tiny Java-based operating system. 
LeJOS was originally forked out of the TinyVM project. It contains a VM for Java bytecodes and additional software to load and run Java programs.
This ebook is a project by Juan Antonio Breña Moral, to spread the knowledge about LeJOS project and Java techniques to develop software for Lego Robots. This ebook is a live project which every 3-6 months,is update with new ideas and techniques from the project and the readers of the eBook.

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