Mindsensors NXTCam on Linux, with aNXTCam

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NXTCam-v3Love Linux, have a Mindstorms NXT Kit, and your wishing for a Mindsensors NXTCam-v3, that works in Linux!

If you are a Linux user and own a Mindsensor NXTCam, you life has just become a lot easier with aNXTCam. aNXTCam is a native Linux software suite written by Janosch Gräf for the Vision Subsystem v3 for NXT: NXTCam v3.0.

aNXTCam is a subproject of aNXT. It has been developed for configuring the Mindsensors NXTCam on a Linux machine. To my knowledge there is no other software available for Linux platform at this time that gives you complete control over your NXTCam.

aNXTCam provides following key features:

  • Capturing frames from the NXTCam and interpolating them.
  • Defining a colourmap and uploading it
  • Tracking objects
  • Configuring settings like: Auto White Balance, Auto Adjust Mode and Fluorescent Light Filter


NXT-Colormap Janosch Gräf has developed a specific file format for storing NXTCam colourmaps. The file format is with the NXTCam configuration utility, aNXTCam. This new NXTCam file format will be used by the aNXT and pyNXT in the near future. So you can use this colourmap file format with all Janosch Gräf‘s NXTCam related software. If you with to create a colourmap, you can simply do this with aNXTCam’s Colormap Widget.

The format basically stores the bytes sent to the camera engine. In addition, a file signature is prepended. Files of this format commonly have the file extension “.clm”. A C-struct for the colourmap file format appears as follows:


aNXTCam Screen Capture
Screen capture of aNXTCam in action.

aNXTCam can be downloaded from GitHub: https://github.com/jgraef/aNXTCam

Janosch Gräf is the author of aNXTCam, as well as aNXT and pyNXT. :

  • aNXT is a software toolkit for the LEGO Mindstorms NXT to use with the Linux platform. It has everything you need to deal with most functions of your Mindstorms NXT.  You can download aNXT from Github. The last version is always kept there: https://github.com/jgraef/aNXT.
  • pyNXT is a Python 3.1 module which wraps the functionalities of the aNXT core library libanxt. It also wraps the C function interface in a pythonic object-orientated interface. The last version is always kept there: https://github.com/jgraef/pyNXT.

NXTCam-v3 Specifications:
  • Connects to NXT on a sensor port
  • Connects to computer using USB interface
  • Tracks line or up to 8 objects (with 8 different user defined colours) at 30fps
  • Adjustable lens focus
  • Lens with built in infrared blocking filter
  • Provides realtime tracking statistics to NXT
  • Power consumption: 42 mA (max) at 4.7V
  • PC not needed for autonomous operation on NXT
  • Supported environments: NXT-G, RobotC, LeJOS, NXC, LabVIEW, LVEE
For full details and updates on aNXTCam, please visit: NXT Snippets: Janosch’s Code Snippets for the LEGO Mindstorms NXT.

I’ll keep everyone updated onusing aNXTCam, as soon as my newly ordered Mindsensor NXTCam arrives………

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