‘Melon Factor’ – Conclusion

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This was to be Part 4/5 of my Melon Factor Project, for the NXTLog FoodFactor Competition for May 2012. It’s unfortunate, but time has not been kind. I had more important real life issues that dragged me away from the project.

Part 1 of my project, involved transportation of the Melons using a Forklift Truck to transport the boxes of melons from the delivery depot to the processing plant. Part 2 consisted of a Gantry Crane and an Elevator to move the Melons from the Forklift Truck to the Elevator. Part 3 was the washing stage of the processing plant, receiving the Melons from the Elevator, before they reach Part 4, this the ‘Melon Sorting Facility’.

So why not checkout the video of the Forklift Truck, Gantry Crane, Elevator, and the Melon washer components in action.

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