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As promised a week or so ago, “too put the New Rotacaster Omni-Wheels through their paces”. They where just what I need for the Line-following Dump Truck I’ve build developing as part of a larger on going project. The Rotacasters defiantly help the Truck negotiate the tight corners on my test Line-following mat.

Line-following Dump Truck Drops it's Load!
Line-following Dump Truck Drops it’s Load!

Without the Omni-directional Rotacaster wheels fitted to the two rear axles of the truck, the articulated Dump Truck is unable to negotiate the tight corners presented to it. With a radius of 150mm (6″), these are really tight corners for the 410mm (1’4″) long truck which can only rotate 40° from centre.

Line-following Dump Truck follows the Line around the Track!

These tight corners force the rear of the track to preform a Power-Slide, which with standard LEGO Technic Wheels just doesn’t happen! And as a result the truck can’t follow the line. With the Rotacaster Omni-wheels it’s made easy!

New Rotacaster Roller Design Triumph
New Rotacaster Roller Design Triumph!

The time, money & effort Rotacaster has put into getting these LEGO Technic and Mindstorms Compatible omni-wheels has paid off. The new wheels don’t only look great, but the rollers which allow the wheel to move sideways have are very free moving compared to the earlier prototypes I received. Gone are the hassles I had initially with rollers binding!

Congratulations Rotacaster on a an amazing piece of engineer, which every serious LEGO fanatic needs in their spare parts kit!

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