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This Rotacaster equipped Killough Platform Line Following Robot uses a set of 3x Rotacasters with the new Black Hub-centres and S45A Hardness type rollers. The S45A’s roller colour is a perfect match for Lego’s “Dark Bluish Gray” colour scheme. I’m excited about testing the new wheels using softer durometer materials on the rollers. The S45A provides better traction, which is especially good for lighter robots.

My Rotacaster fitted Line Following Killough Platform

This Robot tracks the line very well and the S45A Hardness type rollers or the Rotacasters grip the very slippery ‘Whiteboard’ material the track is on. Xander Soldaat built a similar Rotacaster based Robot, but it’s track width was too wide for my track which has been around since the days of the Lego Mindstorms RCX. To get around this I redesigned the whole platform to have a centre to wheel distance of only 60mm compared to Xander’s 80mm measurement for his “Rotacaster: One-Kit Omn-wheel“. The overall diameter of my Robot is just under 120mm.

Bottom of my Rotacaster fitted Line Following Killough Platform

The Rotacaster Omni-wheels are a precision piece of engineering in all respects. They are made to the same exacting standards you expect with your Lego Technic parts. These Lego compatible wheels leave the other versions available in their wake. Not only do the make the ultimate wheels for Killough type robotic platforms, a single Rotacaster makes the perfect Jockey-wheel for your Tri-Bot as they never point in the wrong direction and can’t jam.

My Rotacaster fitted Line Following Killough Platform in Action!

For more detailed evaluation of the Lego Technics compatible Rotacaster Omni-wheels along with Lego NXT Robots using these wheels, visit


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