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Marc-Andre Bazergui has built a special LEGO WORLD: Zwolle Edition of Wall*E, the famous Hollywood robot from Disney/Pixar movie of the same name. This is the 4th generation of his Wall*E. So i called it zWall-E4. It only has Mindstorms components with no POWER FUNCTIONS or 3rd Party sensor devices used. The three NXT bricks talk to each other via Bluetooth. The program was written in NXT-G 2.0 and has been designed to allow zWall-E4 to remain on a table top and do it’s show all day, which explains the restraint movements seen in this video.

zWall-E4 in Action!

The inner workings of this Wall-E are100% LEGO MINDSTORMS. There are detailed photos of zWall-E4 online as well. zWall-E4 and his creator where  at LEGO WORLD 2010 in Zwolle, Netherlands, in October 22 to 27 2010.

Technical Specification:
  • 3 NXT brick
  • 8 NXT motor
  • 2 Color sensors
  • 4 Touch sensors
  • 1 Ultrasonic sensor
zWall-E4 Under Construction!

Marc-Andre started building zWall-E4 on Sept 3rd, 2010 and 7 days later he was appeantly pretty satisfied with the result but it took nearly 20 more days on/off doing mods and to figure out how to program NXT-G using the 3 NXT’s via Bluetooth.

zWall-E4 ready for LEGO WORLD 2010 in Zwolle!

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