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The Lego PF/NXT OMNI-SPIDER omnidirectional 8-legged robot that imitates a Spider with an excellent degree of accuracy. This is a preview of the prototype, built by Menno Gorter. You can easily imagine that Menno’s final version will be absolutely BRILLIANT! As the name suggest, his PF/NXT OMNI-Spider is capable of walking in any direction. It appears he has achieved this by pairing two legs to a single Lego Power Functions XL-Motor.

The Lego PF/NXT OMNI-SPIDER in Action!

I suggest you pay a visit to Menno Gorter‘s wpdevart_youtube Channel: Menno Gorter, as well as his website. Menno has an excellent set of Videos show casing his accomplishments on Legs! It also shows how perseverance with a concept over time can produce some amazing results.

Menno also has some very interesting models and thoughts on Brickshelf, including his original NXT-grub and RCX Spiders.

Highlights from Menno Gorter‘s wpdevart_youtube Channel

NXT-Coyote walker quadraped robot

Menno’s walkers at Legoworld 2009 Zwolle

Scout-Spider walker robot

NeXTosaurus walker biped robot

Geared-Ant walker hexapod robot

Encounter of my Scout-spider and PF-Spider walker robots.

PF/NXT-ARAGNA extreme Spider Walker Robot

Please Keep them coming Menno Gorter?

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