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I decided to put my CatCan SmartSensor Lite’s Temperature measuring capabilities to use by constructing a simple LEGO Mindstorms NXT Mechanical Linear Display Thermometer. The Thermometer is graduated in 1 Degree Celsius increments. The Display pointer is driven via a NXT Motor connected to a conveyor belt built from old style Technic Track Elements.


As well as the Temperature Sensor, the CatCan SmartSensor Lite includes following MEMS sensors:
  • 3D magnetic sensor
  • 3D G sensor (acceleration sensor)
  • 1 axis Gyro sensor
  • A 32 Bit MCU in charge of signal filtering and position calculation.


Not only does the Thermometer display the Current Temperature on the mechanical linear display, but the Robot also Speaks the ‘Current Temperature’ aloud when the Temperature changes.


When the Thermometer program is run, the displays shown in sequence above appear to help you set-up the ‘Mechanical Linear Display’ in order to avoid the pointer from being broken off.

NXC Source Code: Thermometer.nxc & Sound Files


I haven’t included any CAD files as the building concept is very simple, and could/can be expanded upon to display a greater temperature range. The whole build took less than an hour, but could be easily further refined in many ways.

You are also not restricted to using the CatCan SmartSensor Lite for temperature reading, as there are many after-market LEGO Mindstorms NXT Compatible Temperature Sensors, including the version made by LEGO available.

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