LEGO Minstorms EV3 Segway Uses Microinfinity Cruizcore IMU

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I have been working on creating a LEGO Minstorms EV3 Segway which uses Microinfinity Cruizcore IMU (Inertia Measurement Unit). The Robot is programmed using RobotC v4.xx for LEGO Minstorms, and uses the ROBOTC 4.x Driver Suite for NXT and EV3 written by Xander Soldaat. I originally need an extra Segway to exhibit at Brixhibition Launceston 2015, and as all my NXT Bricks were in use I decided to put together an EV3 based version.

EV3 Segway

The Segway featured in the photograph, above uses an EV3 Programmable Brick, Microinfinity Cruizcore IMU and 2x LEGO Mindstorms NXT Motors. An NXT Ultrasonic Sensor is also used for the Robots Head and Eyes, but are not utilized in this example.

EV3 Segway

The Instructions and CAD Drawings below uses the EV3 Programmable Brick, Microinfinity Cruizcore IMU and 2x EV3 Motors. Like the example above, an EV3 Infrared Sensor is also used for the Robots Head and Eyes, but are not utilized in this example. Download EV3-Segway.lxf CAD Files to build your own Segway Robot.


The RobotC code is based on Laurens Valks  Anyway Segway code. I have combined the relevant parts of his original code to support only the Microinfinity Cruizcore IMU. I then converted and edited the code to make it RobotC v4.xx for LEGO Minstorms compliant for the EV3.

I have left the majority and relevant descriptions of the codes operation that were originally placed their by Laurens. The code compiles, dowloads and runs as expected, with the Robot being able to balance until the batteries fail. It also capable of balancing on an incline of up-to 45 degrees, depending on the slippage between the wheels and the surface the Robot is placed upon.

NXC Source Code: EV3-Segway.c


In coming weeks I intend to build upon this project adding some extra hardware and software features, so stay tuned.


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