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I originally built this LEGO Mindstorms NXT Bug Bot Robot as part of a display at the TAZ-Brick ( Collector Clubs Brixhibition North. The robot proved a hit with the under 10, LEGO Fanatics. Since then I’ve been playing around with the design of my Mindstorms NXT Bug Bot. In this new version I have replaced the 2x RCX type Touch Sensors with 2x NXT type Touch Sensors. The front bumpers had to remodelled to take the NXT Touch Sensors.

Bug Bot!

I also extended the bumper by wrapping them around the front wheels. This modification helps when the Robot runs into a corner at angle between 30 and 60 degrees. 

The major software update involved working on refining the Robots software, especially the corner detection code. I finally solved the age old issue of ‘Robot Stuck In Corner’!

In the end the solution was rather simple. As often the way, the answers not the creation of two pages of code, but just two lines. And it was most certainly true in this case:

RobotC Source Code Snippet:


The actual lines of code in the solution are:

RobotC Source Code Snippet:


Depending on which side bumper was hit, the Robot backs up in an arc headed in the oposite direction to that bumper.

The full RobotC code is available here: NxtBugBotv2.c

The Bug Bot relies on two [rotacaster] on the rear. These give the robot great moveability in tight corners and allow it to rotate on the spot.

Bug Bot CAD

Download the LEGO Digital Designer CAD file: BugBot.lxf

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