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I needed a LEGO Mindstorms Cable Checker to allow me to Verify my Connector Cables for connectivity or faults.  A tester is particularly useful for when you are crimping your own cables. I picked up a cheap Network Cable checker of eBay for $2.50, and hacked it to suite Cables. Unfortunately it wasn’t as easy as I first anticipated!

‘Tede’ Cable Tester

I was initially going to swap the six wire sockets in the ‘Tede Tester’ above with type Sockets, but they original sockets were not standard on the Printed Circuit Board. My next approach was to attempt to grinding the original socket into shape to suite a Plug. This also failed as the socket walls were rubbish and fell apart!

Inside the Cable Tester

My final choice decision involved removing the original sockets and replace them with hook-up wire to the replacement Plugs. The old plugs were easily removed thanks to a single-sided PCB.

LEGO Mindstorms Compatible Sockets

As can be seen below, it all went together after the initial hassles. Unfortunately, I now need to find an alternative case for the tester as the PCB’s and Sockets won’t fit in the original case.

Testing the LEGO Mindstorms Cable Tester

I also removed the extra 2 LED’s from each PCB as they are no longer needed as an Cable only has six wires. And Yes, it all worked as it should.

With $2.50 for the original Tester and the same for the two Sockets, I’ve ended up with a handy LEGO Mindstorms Cable Checker for my tool box. All be it without a case as yet.

[youtube]ncgGtcFKs8Y[/youtube] LEGO Mindstorms Cable Checker in Action!

After all my efforts, I’ve just discovered that Mindsensors are now offering their own Cable Tester for $19.95.

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